Germaine A. Hoston is an enthusiastic teacher whose experience as a undergraduate at Princeton inspired her to become a college professor. She cherishes the opportunity to teach and mentor both undergraduate and graduate students. Among the most highly rated teachers in her Department. Germaine teaches over a wide range of subject matter, from comparative revolutions to Chinese and Japanese political Development. In the field of political theory, she teaches Western political thought from Rousseau to Habermas and Eastern political thought from Confucius to Mao.

In Winter 2021, Dr. Hoston will be teaching:
Political Science 114B: "Marxist Political Thought" ( PDF printable syllabus)

Political Science 130AD: "Comparative Revolutions (I): The Politics of the Russian Revolution" ( PDF printable syllabus)
Political Science 214: "Marxist and Post-Marxist Political Philosophy" (HTML) ( PDF printable syllabus)
(The printable PDF versions require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download.)

In Spring 2020, Dr. Hoston taught:
Political Science 113C. Chinese and Japanese Political Thought (II) (PDF Printable Syllabus)
Political Science 219. Special Topics in Political Theory: The Political Philosophy of Liberation Theology (Political Science 213C) "Modern Chinese and Japanese Political Thought" (II) (PDF printable syllabus)

In Winter Quarter 2020, Dr. Hoston taught:
Political Science 113B: "Chinese and Japanese Political Thought (I)" (HTML Version) (PDF printable syllabus)
Political Science 132C: "Political Development and Modern China" (Word version) (HTML Version) (PDF printable syllabus)

Other recent courses include:
Political Science 113C "Chinese and Japanese Political Thought" (II) (PDF printable syllabus)

Political Science 131C:"Comparative Revolutions (II): The Politics of the Chinese Revolution"
Political Science 229: "Special Topics in Comparative Politics--State and Society in Modern East Asia"
PS118A "The Political Theory of Systematic Theology "
PS 118B "The Political Theory of Liberation Theology"

In addition, Dr. Hoston is an active participant in UCSD´s Faculty Mentor Program. Students work as research assistants to her while completing a 2-quarter independent study project that usually culminates in the submission of a final paper or thesis. Undergraduates who are not in the Political Science Department's Honors Thesis Program who have taken at least 2 upper division courses in comparative politics and/or political theory, and have a facility in reading Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Russian, or Italian are welcome to apply.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are involved in this program as well as others who are writing for courses or independent studies will find useful handouts on the Resources page on this site.

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